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Camden & District Netball Association

Representative Netball

The vision of Netball NSW is that netball is the leading sport of choice and opportunity with the purpose of leading and supporting the Netball community to grow and thrive.

The Camden Association supports this vision by providing opportunities for athletes to compete at Junior and Senior State Titles and also the Dooleys Metro League competition.

Playing within our Representative Programme enables players to train hard, improve their skills and techniques, and develop personal growth and discipline attributes.

Draw here: 

Metro League - Team 1

Coach - Stephanie Harrison

Assistant Coach:  Mark Ireland

Manager - Sam Scholte

Belle Watene

Claire Hudson

Eliana Sapone

Evana Sincek

Hannah Corbett

Imogen Nies

Isabella Barna

Janaia Donovan

Kristy Keating

Lauren Allen

Rose Jansen

Metro League - Team 2

Coach - Vicki Wong

Manager - Melissa Finlay

Abbey Finlay

Annelise Hall

Brianna Clout

Chantel Wright

Emilia Krstevski

Jade Trevithick

Jenna Chiodo

Lara Chiodo

Madison Zielinski

Renee Rice

Metro League - Team 3

Coach - Natalie Hall

Assistant  Coach - Leana Wharton

Manager - Jillian Arnold

Belinda Szumski

Blessing Donvenekham

Charlie Cowlishaw

Eseta Malaesilia

Georgia Bastock

Katie Peters

Kelly Tyree

Leilana Kaukura Grey

Maddison Leahy

Molly Kubecka

Shivali Sharma

Zoe Barrett


Senior State Titles Team

17 Years

Senior State Titles Team

15 Years

Senior State Titles Team

14 Years

Junior State Titles Team

13 Years

Junior State Titles Team

12 Years

Junior State Titles Team

12 Years

Train On Team

11 Years

Development Team

2023 Representative Teams

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