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Camden & District Netball Association

2023 Annual Representative Presentation

Our 2023 annual Representative Presentation was held on Saturday, 12th August and what a night it was.

This is special evening dedicated to celebrating not only our players, but also our dedicated coaches, managers, umpires and the entire support team that plays an essential role in making our rep season a reality.

Its also a time to recognize our award recipients and we congratulate everyone who was honoured with a Prestigious Award this year.

As a special award, Rachel Pope was recognized for achieving her National A Umpiring badge this year.

Junior Umpire Award - Sabrina Gaibisso

Senior Umpire Award - Charlotte Quinlan

Encouragement Awards:

11 Years - Charlotte Macbeth

12s T/O - Harper Billingham

Coaches Awards:

12 Years - Zara Bullock

13 Years – Cianna Tasker

14 Years- Georgia Stone

15 Years – Matilda Page

17 Years – Kaitlin Tattersall

Opens - Abbey Finlay

Mens - Nick Glynn

Metro 1 – Rose Jenson

Metro 2 - Abbey Finlay

Metro 3 - Shivali Sharma

MVP Awards:

12 Years - Sophie Redman

13 Years – Charli Smith

14 Years- Isabella Pelle

15 Years – Ella Malcolm

17 Years – Jenna Chiodo

Opens - Hannah Corbett

Mens - Damien Hogg

Metro 1 – Eliana Sapone

Metro 2 - Jenna Chiodo

Metro 3 - Maddison Leahy

Lyn Hahn Junior Representative Player of the Year Award - Halle Taumaletila

Robyn Bracken Senior Representative Player of the Year - Molly Kubecka and Kristy Keating

Service Awards:

Nicole Russell – 5 Years

Mark Leahy – 5 Years

Lyndall Schuhmeier – 5 Years

Lauren Cracknell – 10 Years

Claire Hudson – 10 Years

Ingrid Hockey – 15 Years

Jennifer Bazley – 30 Years

Representative Coach of the Year Award: Tershel Watene

President’s Award: Nicole Russell

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